Saturday, September 21, 2013

Road Trip Time – Florida to Arizona and back (all for a few games of tennis!)

I’ve been living here in the USA nearly three years now, so I am more than ready for my first major road trip.  In my previous post, I wrote about winning the tennis sectionals in Florida in our ratings category (3.0), and how we would be heading to Tucson for the Nationals.  Well, the time has arrived.

We will be traveling across from North Central Florida to Tucson, Arizona, staying in New Orleans and San Antonio en route.  To say that I am looking forward to it is an understatement.

I will be traveling from the hot and sweaty humid climate of Florida to the dry heat of Arizona.  Moisture wicking clothing is pretty much de rigueur in Florida if you play sports, but apparently the sun evaporates your sweat in the South West, so perspiration is less of a problem, although staying hydrated can be, apparently. 

I will get to see some new landscapes too - see my first desert and big cacti, the soil is grey and sandy here, but reddish in Arizona.

Me on the courts in Florida.
We will be representing Florida in the tennis tournament, playing teams from different states.  If we win our group games over the Friday and Saturday, we get to play in the semis and if we win that, the final on Sunday.  Wish us luck!

You know when you are overheating in Florida because you drip with sweat.  It's easier to get dehydrated in Arizona without realising it, because the dry hot sun evaporates your perspiration.
On the way back, we will be going to Austen, Texas, where I will be collecting a junk truck and driving it back to Florida.  Let me explain.  I make most of my money via the internet via a number of income streams but in recent times I’ve been working part-time for my friend’s junk collecting franchise to earn a little extra money.  Anyway, he’s bought a truck in Austen, Texas and has asked me to drive back in return for gas, hotel, and food money, which makes the trip more affordable for me.

I am treating the whole thing as an adventure.  I am packing right now and we are leaving at 6.30 am tomorrow.  Still seems a little surreal, but the reality will sink in once we’re out on the road, I reckon.

I will take my camera and let you know how it goes.