Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th July Fireworks

The 4th July was a curious emigrant experience for me, standing in a field with 22,000 people, who were pledging allegiance to the American flag before the fireworks started.  It was peculiar being the odd man out. But then it was also strangely familiar.  Back in Britain I will generally stand up when they play the national anthem, but I never sing it, as the words of “God Save the Queen” have always seemed somewhat ludicrous to me, given that I don’t really believe in God or monarchy.

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  1. I do like "Jerusalem", though and part of me would like it be adopted for the England football team, instead of "God Save the Queen", which seems innappropriate when we play other "home nations", such as Scotland. another part of me, however, is repulsed by the idea of William Blake, icon of English non-conformity, being assimilated into the establishment.